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Robert J. Grant – Archangel Michael


In this live lecture presentation, Robert Grant, the best-selling author of Edgar Cayce on Angels, Archangels, and the Unseen Forces, explores the mystical significance of Archangel Michael’s guiding influence in the psychic work of Edgar Cayce, and how Archangel Michael acts as a powerful force for positive change in the vast scheme of humanity’s spiritual evolution – from the time of Enoch the Prophet to our present age of spiritual awakening. With entertainment, depth, and humor, Grant’s presentation, includes a guided meditation. Robert Grant is an expert on the Edgar Cayce readings, and particularly on the subject matter of angels and the unseen forces.

Blue by Nature – Hard Daze


Joining Karen Lawrence who also plays acoustic guitar and percussion on this blues-roots, down-home release, is electric/slide guitarist Brad Ayers, drummer Dan Potruch, bassist Andrew Stewart and acoustic/slide guitarist Fred Hostetler and Joe Peluso on harmonica.
All tracks begin with an acoustic guitar introduction except “Break Down,” the second track on the album, which is also one of the album’s best cuts. “Travelin’ Blues” allows Lawrence’s voice to shine nicely through and is accented beautifully with Browning’s subtle lead guitar phrasing.
If you like your blues filled with acoustic guitars, straight forward arrangements mixed with the voice of a southern Californian blues-woman, Hard Daze is worth the price of admission.

The Digressions – Long in the Tooth


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